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VIBRATION - Mechanical Affective Touch Therapy

Mechanical Affective Touch Therapy (MATT) is a safe and effective noninvasive peripheral nerve stimulation therapy. Despite the fact that mechanical stimulation activates nerves, little is known about how it affects psychiatric symptoms and the cortical processes that support them. Anxiety and depressive symptoms, as well as mindfulness, improved significantly with MATT therapy.

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Apollo is a wearable that uses neuroscience to manage stress and improve overall well being. When you feel the Apollo wearable, you feel more than vibration, you feel a rhythm that signals your emotional cortex to evoke a certain state, the same way that the right song can set a mood.Apollo can be set to different modes, to alleviate stress and induce a relaxed state, improve sleep, and increase focus and productivity.

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Based on preliminary research, MATT appears to be a potential non-invasive therapeutic method for anxiety disorders that warrants further investigation. Despite the fact that ultrasound (>20 KHz) has been shown to successfully engage peripheral nerves and low-frequency acoustic vibrations (20 KHz) can activate somatosensory mechanoreceptors, mechanical (acoustic) stimulation has received less investigation. Despite having a higher safety profile than electrical stimulation, somatosensory pathways remain underutilized as potential therapeutic neuromodulation methods (which is already regarded extremely low risk). Immediate anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) impact of MATT stimulation that was observed in studies during device development was believed to be due to mechanoreceptive impulses to the insula, a cortical brain region connected to interoceptive awareness and socio-emotional processing. Insulin function and interoception have long been linked to anxiety and mood disorders. The MATT prototype devices convert an MP3 sound the signal to mild vibrations at the sound frequency, and these vibrations can be applied to the body parts that need to be stimulated.

SENSATE is an infrasonic technology - based device that is designed to gently soothe your nervous system using non-invasive sound resonance on your sternum. It is both safe and comforting. Enjoy the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation through mechanical affective touch therapy anywhere. The device uses near infrasound relayed via bone conduction on the chest bone as a means of stimulating and conditioning the relaxation response of the vagus nerve. SENSATE connects to your mobile device and sessions are accompanied with relaxing sound therapy.

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