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Oxygen Therapy

Inhalation-based oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen, or supplemental oxygen, therapy basically involved the inhalation of air enriched in oxygen provided by a pressurized oxygen tank or oxygen generator. There are many benefits of oxygen therapy, including improve respiration, metabolism, mood, concentration, athletic performance, reduced stress, headache and migraine relief and promotion of better sleep.
Hypoxemia which is a shortage of oxygen in the blood will lead to shortness of breath, asthmatic-like symptoms, and even a subtle blue tint to the skin. This condition can cause major health problems, using an oxygen concentrator on a regular basis can help to reduce the symptoms.

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The Oxygen Concentrator is based on new technology to concentrate and provide high purity oxygen at room temperature. It has a manually adjustable oxygen flow rate to meet the specific oxygen needs of different people. The device is relatively small and can be easily mover around and transported. The machine operates at a low noise of 45 decibels and can therefore be used during sleep and is operated by remote control. The negative ion concentration can also be adjusted to improve oxygen absorption rate. It’s easy to operate and can also humidify the air to ease breathing.

Hypobaric pressure -mediated oxygen enrichment

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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is a form of oxygen therapy that entails inhaling oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. This permits the lungs to take in up to three times the amount of oxygen they would if inhaling oxygen at normal air pressure. The additional oxygen is carried by the blood to the organs and tissues. HBOT is used to treat major wounds, burns, injuries, and infections, among other things. It can also cure air or gas embolisms (bubbles of air in your system), decompression sickness encountered by divers, and carbon monoxide poisoning. More importantly, HBOT is a method in fighting aging. It not only treats current signs of aging and prevents future aging, but can also reverse the aging process. HBOT is being used as an anti-aging method because it has been shown to:

● Promote telomere lengthening by up to 20%.
● Promote the healing of skin that has been damage by ultraviolet radiation.
● Promote collagen production and thereby maintain skin elasticity.
● Promote wound healing and reduce scar formation.
● Improve skin complexions and promote skin rejuvenation.
A recent study showed that HBO reversed the aging process by promoting growth of telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes and by reducing the percentage of senescent cells in the overall cell population.

Oxygen Plus is a handy and practical portable oxygen can with 99.5% pure O2. Use it as a natural wellness supplement to boost energy & recovery. You can do over 50 inhalations per 11 Liter Canister. With 5 times more oxygen found in unpolluted everyday air, Oxygen Plus restores depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels – on-demand – so you can think, feel & perform your best. Just a few breaths of pure oxygen can boost performance, endurance and recovery in sports, and enhance your study, learning and work experience. Oxygen Plus is designed to be light and portable for on-the-go activity. Made in a FDA-registered facility, bottled in the USA, and 100% recyclable after use.

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