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Light Therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment involving exposure to light of a certain wavelength in the near-infrared spectrum that can aid in the rejuvenation of skin, muscle tissue, the nervous system and other body systems. The infrared light is invisible to the eyes but can energize tissues and organs. Low-level laser treatment (LLLT), soft laser therapy (SLT), Cold laser therapy (CLT), low-power laser therapy (LPLT), biostimulation, photonic stimulation and photobiomodulation are all different terms and forms of red light therapy (PBM). Mitochondria, the "power generators" of cells, absorb the red light and use it to produce additional energy, that promote reparation and healing. The skin is not injured or burned by red light treatment since it only involves low levels of heat.

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A variety of light therapy devices, based on different types of light (wavelengths), exist and can be easily obtained for personal home use.

The use of red light therapy may be beneficial in the following situations/conditions:

  • Dementia. People with dementia who received near-infrared light treatment on their heads and via their nostrils on a daily basis for 12 weeks had improved memory, slept better, and were less irritable.

  • Hair loss. Red light therapy can reverse androgenetic alopecia (a hereditary condition that causes hair loss) in both men and women, resulting in thicker hair eve after using a home device for 24 weeks.

  • Osteoarthritis. Research has show that infrared light treatment reduced osteoarthritis-related pain.

  • Tendinitis. RLT has been shown to reduce inflammation and discomfort in persons with Achilles tendonitis.

  • Skin rejuvenation. RLT has been shown to aid with reducing wrinkles and promote a smoother skin. RLT can also help healing acne scars, burns, and sun damage. Skin complexion can be improved by RLT which stimulates collagen production that diminishes wrinkles.

  • Muscle atrophy and bone density. RLT has been shown to be an effective treatment for muscle atrophy and bone density issues caused by weightlessness during space travel.

  • Wound healing and tissue repair has been shown to be promoted by RLT

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome can be alleviated by RLT

  • Healing of slow-healing wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers, is stimulated by RLT.

  • Psoriasis lesions have bene shown to be reduced by RLT.

  • Cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus can be prevented to recur through RLT.

Effective red light therapy devices based on LEDs providing  deep red 660nm and/or near infrared (NIR) 850nm light for the entire body or specific parts. Some devices combine both wavelengths for optimal therapy. These devices are safe and easy to use. With as little as 15-30 minutes daily use one can reap significant benefits, such as healing and rejuvenating the skin, relieving pain and feeling energized and rejuvenated. Most of these devices work right out of the box and are also portable, and can therefore be used anytime and anywhere.

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