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Ginger has powerful anti-asthma activity

Several components of ginger have been shown to have anti-allergic effects. However, little is known about how well different ginger extracts work in treating asthma.

A team of Korean and Chinese scientists therefore used a mouse model of asthma to study the anti-asthmatic effects of ginger extracts. The study also assessed lung tissue levels of several anti-oxidative enzymes along with inflammatiry responses. It was discovered that the gingerextracts efficiently controlled the allergic response and had anti-oxidative effects in the mouse model. Collectively, it was proposed that ginger extracts can prevent lung inflammation by haviing anti-oxidant effects and by reducing allergic response signals. It was concluded that ginger may have a therapeutic role in the treatment of allergic and eosinophilic asthma.

Kim E, Jang S, Yi JK, Kim H, Kwon HJ, Im H, Huang H, Zhang H, Cho NE, Sung Y, Kim SH, Choi YS, Li S, Ryoo ZY, Kim MO. Ginger-derived compounds exert in vivo and in vitro anti-asthmatic effects by inhibiting the T-helper 2 cell-mediated allergic response. Exp Ther Med. 2022 Jan;23(1):49. doi: 10.3892/etm.2021.10971. Epub 2021 Nov 15. PMID: 34934427; PMCID: PMC8652391.


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