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Curcumin reduces aging-related cognitive decline

Cognitive loss, decreased synaptic plasticity, and an increase in oxidative reactive species (ROS) in the central nervous system are all characteristics of the aging brain.The herb Curcuma longa produces curcumin, which has synaptic and antioxidant properties.

Natural substances like curcumin, have long been used for treatment of various conditions.

A team of scientists from Mexico investigated how the long-term consumption of curcumin would impact aging-related cognition. The scientists tested the ability of mice to learn and remember new objects and navigate a maze. The study showed that mice treated with turmeric performed better than the untreated mice.

The research also showed that curcumin administration boosted dendritic arborization in the prefrontal cortex and increased spine density. Collectively, these cutting-edge discoveries imply that curcumin delays cognitive and neural signs of aging .

González-Granillo AE, Gnecco D, Díaz A, Garcés-Ramírez L, de la Cruz F, Juarez I, Morales-Medina JC, Flores G. Curcumin induces cortico-hippocampal neuronal reshaping and memory improvements in aged mice. J Chem Neuroanat. 2022 Apr;121:102091. doi: 10.1016/j.jchemneu.2022.102091. Epub 2022 Mar 22. PMID: 35334275.

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