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Curcumin protects against cardiovascular diseases

A recent review of scientific literature by Cox and colleagues at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany, highlights the utility of curcumin in the fights against cardiovascular diseases.

Worldwide mortality is significantly attributed to cardiovascular diseases, and age and obesity are two of the main risk factors for many cardiovascular diseases.Oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolic abnormalities such altered lipid profiles and glucose metabolism, and inflammation are common causes of aging, obesity, and diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also promoted by obesity which is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Numerous plant compounds, including curcumin, the primary active ingredient in turmeric root, have long been utilized in traditional medicine and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The authors state that curcumin has pleiotropic effects and attenuates a number of factors that enhance the risk of cardiovascular diseases in aging and obesity, according to newer mechanistic, animal, and human research. Therefore, curcumin as a powerful nutraceutical, show promise in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Cox FF, Misiou A, Vierkant A, Ale-Agha N, Grandoch M, Haendeler J, Altschmied J. Protective Effects of Curcumin in Cardiovascular Diseases-Impact on Oxidative Stress and Mitochondria. Cells. 2022 Jan 20;11(3):342. doi: 10.3390/cells11030342. PMID: 35159155; PMCID: PMC8833931.

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