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Biotin deficiency adversely affects short term memory

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Biotin deficie can result in varioys central nervous system dysfunctions. Munzuroğlu and colleagues performed an animal-based research study to see whether biotin deficiency could impair memory and learning by changing the amounts of glutamate, glutamine, dopamine, and protein kinase A (PKA) in the hippocampus. Four groups of four rats were created by matings between 16 females and 4 males. 48 pups were separated into the following experimental groups after three pups from each mother were chosen. Normal diet during the pregnancy and postnatal periods for the NN group. NB group, a normal prenatal diet, and a diet lacking in biotin at the postnatal stage. The prenatal and postnatal periods of the BN group's diet were biotin-deficient, while the postnatal phase of the BB group's diet was normal. A varietyof behavioral assays were performed to assess memory and learning, and the hippocampi's levels of glutamine, glutamate, dopamine, and PKA activity were examined in all groups. In behavioral testing, it was discovered that the NB, BN, and BB groups had decreased learning and memory abilities. All rat pups fed on a biotin-deficient diet showed lower dopamine levels and PKA activity. The study clearly showed that short-term memory and locomotor activity are impaired by biotin deficiency, which may be related to lower dopamine levels and PKA activity in the hippocampus.

Munzuroğlu M, Danışman B, Akçay G, Yelli İ, Aslan M, Derin N. Effects of biotin deficiency on short term memory: The role of glutamate, glutamic acid, dopamine and protein kinase A. Brain Res. 2022 Jul 25;1792:148031. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2022.148031. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35901964.


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