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Açaí mediates potential anti-neuroinflammatory activity.

It is well established that mitochondrial dysfunction is related to various neurological disorders. A group of scientists in Canada and Brazil examined the anti-neuroinflammatory properties of an açai berry extract.

The study showed that cells exposed to a powerful inflammation-causing agent displayed high levels of nitric oxide (NO) and reactive oxygen species (ROS), as well as high levels of cellular proliferation. However, addition of the açai extract was able to lower cellular proliferation and restore NO and ROS levels. Increased levels of other inflammation markers was also reversed by açai. The scientists concluded that açai may be a potential treatment or preventative measure for neuropsychiatric conditions linked to neuroinflammation.

Cadoná FC, de Souza DV, Fontana T, Bodenstein DF, Ramos AP, Sagrillo MR, Salvador M, Mota K, Davidson CB, Ribeiro EE, Andreazza AC, Machado AK. Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) as a Potential Anti-neuroinflammatory Agent: NLRP3 Priming and Activating Signal Pathway Modulation. Mol Neurobiol. 2021 Sep;58(9):4460-4476. doi: 10.1007/s12035-021-02394-x. Epub 2021 May 22. PMID: 34021869.


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